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The designs on this page are fabulous (yes, created by moi), however, not everyone can afford furniture and decorative pieces from high-priced designers.

Check out the lower priced design options below.

And as always, please contact me with any questions or to schedule a Free Consultation.

I'd love to help! 

Nicole Comer Homes & Design

Green Elegance


Are you interested in creating this look?

I did all the work for you & shopped for more affordable options.

Please see the links below and happy shopping.

Contact me anytime for a Free Consultation. 

Nicole Comer Homes & Design 


Console Table:

Green Chair:'

Beige Chair:

Coffee Table:

Green Sofa:

Beige Sofa:



Green Rug:

Green Multi Rug:

You may notice... in ALL of my design options, there may be more than one color choice for each piece.


Because I do not believe in the "matchy matchy" look you may see in a furniture store.

-Nicole Comer Homes & Design

 Dreamy, Blue Bedroom

As you can see in the Dreamy, Blue Bedroom, I took the royal blue wall color and utilized that to make a statement with the furniture choices.


However, it's not necessary that everything match perfectly. 

I provided many color choices and they're interchangeable. 

As always, please contact me for a Free Consultation.


I'd love to assist you with your home. 


**Most of these headboards & frames come in various sizes

Arctic Blue Bed:

Skyblue Headboard Only:

Skyblue Headboard Only 2:

Saphire Blue Bedframe (King):

Royal Blue / Navy Velvet Bedframe (Queen):

Steel Blue Velvet Headboard (King):

Royal Blue Velvet Bedframe (King):


Light Blue Bench:

Gold Bench:

French Vintage Bench:

Garbo Beige Storage Bench:

Velvet Storage Bench:


Sea Blue Gold Chair:

Blue Chair:

Suri Blue Pattern Chair:

Beige Accent Chair:

Pagoda Blue Velvet Chair:

Royal Blue Tufted Accent Chair:

Royal Blue Barrel Desk Chair:

Royal Blue Desk Chair:


Blue/Gold Canvas Art:

Blue Metal Wall Art:


White / Gold Desk:


Nightstands (2):

2 White Charging Nightstands:



Blue Marble Rug (9x12):

Blue /Grey Boho Rug:

Navy Shag Rug:


Glass Top Round Accent Table:;

Geometric Side Table:

White Geometric Side Table:


Modern Gold Glam Lamp:

Gold Greek Farmhouse Gold Lamp:

Blue / Gray Glazed Glass Lamp:

Blue / Green Ceramic Beige Linen Shade:

Euro Teardrop Design Lamp:

Modern Coastal Glass Lamps:

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